accelerate the development of qualitative indicators of the contributions of research libraries, as well as tools that research libraries may use locally to demonstrate their value. The Statistics & Assessment capability also contributes to the other Strategic Directions by providing data about the characteristics and use of research libraries that describes the transformations underway and can be used to advocate for positive change. Diversity & Leadership ARL’s Diversity Programs recruit people from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups into careers in research libraries and prepare minority librarians for advancement into leadership positions in ARL libraries. An annual Leadership Symposium—a component of the ARL Diversity Programs—provides MLIS students with programming on the strategic directions of ARL as well as on issues related to transitioning into, and building career networks in, research libraries. In addition to those being undertaken through the Diversity Programs, ARL’s other leadership development efforts have been focused on two priorities: executive leadership development and succession planning in research libraries. The most recent strategic planning process reinforced these priorities as key to preparing the next generation of library directors and preparing senior library administrators to take on the challenges of the transformed research library. The centerpiece of ARL’s efforts to pursue succession planning is the Research Library Leadership Fellows (RLLF) Program. The RLLF is ARL’s executive leadership program, designed and sponsored by ARL member libraries. The program offers an opportunity for development of future senior- level leaders in large research libraries, exposing and engaging library staff with the potential for leadership to themes and institutions that enhance their preparedness to be a dean or director in an ARL library. Beginning in 2010, ARL’s diversity and leadership development activities are being brought under the guidance of a new Board committee on Diversity & Leadership, with the goal of creating a nexus that will provide a pipeline from Diversity Programs into the senior leadership development program. The work in the arenas of diversity and leadership makes a direct contribution to the Transforming Research Libraries Strategic Direction, which seeks to have a diverse and growing body of professionals prepared to develop new roles and work in new modes. In addition, success in this work contributes to the fulfillment of mandates for increased advocacy that recur within the goals of the other Strategic Directions. RLI 268 6 Themes within the ARL Strategic Plan 2010–2012 ( C O N T I N U E D ) FEBRUARY 2010 RESEARCH LIBRARY ISSUES: A BIMONTHLY REPORT FROM ARL, CNI, AND SPARC
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