• SPEC Kit 332: Organization of Scholarly Communication Services (November 2012)
    Author(s): Radom, Rachel; Feltner-Reichert, Melanie; stringer-stanback, kynita

    This SPEC Kit explores how research institutions are currently organizing staff to support scholarly communication services, and whether their organizational structures have changed since 2007, when member libraries were surveyed about their scholarly communication education initiatives. It covers who leads scholarly communication efforts inside and outside the library, the scholarly communication related services that are offered to researchers, and which staff support those services. It also looks at how the library measures the success of its scholarly communication services, including demonstrable outcomes of these services.

    It includes position descriptions for library leaders of scholarly communication efforts, charges for SC committees, organization charts, descriptions of SC services, assessment tools, open access policies, and SC resolutions.

    Radom, Rachel, Melanie Feltner-Reichert, and kynita stringer-stanback. Organization of Scholarly Communication Services. SPEC Kit 332. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, November 2012.