• SPEC Kit 341: Digital Collections Assessment and Outreach (August 2014)
    Author(s): Ochoa, Marilyn N.; Taylor, Laurie N.; Sullivan, Mark V.
    Keyword(s): research library%3B digital collections%3B assessment%3B outreach%3B collection management

    This SPEC Kit investigates what methods ARL member libraries use to maintain the relevancy of their locally curated digital library collections, and to continue to sustain, grow, capture return on investment, and enhance existing resources through outreach and assessment. The survey also explores current practices for integrating digital resources into the research, teaching, and learning environment.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of digital project selection criteria, outreach and assessment guides, assessment reports, marketing plans, lesson plans, job descriptions, and works created with material from digital collections.

    Ochoa, Marilyn N., Laurie N. Taylor, and Mark V. Sullivan. Digital Collections Assessment and Outreach. SPEC Kit 341. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, August 2014.