• SPEC Kit 346: Scholarly Output Assessment Activities (May 2015)
    Author(s): Lewis, Ruth; Sarli, Cathy C.; Suiter, Amy M.
    Keyword(s): research library; digital repository; assessment; scholarly publishing; research output

    This SPEC Kit explores current ARL member library activities that help authors manage their scholarly identities, provide options for creating and disseminating scholarly outputs, offer strategies to enhance discoverability of scholarly outputs, help authors efficiently track scholarly outputs and impact, provide resources and tools to help authors assess their scholarly impact, create publication reports and social network maps for reporting purposes, and offer guidance and training on new trends and tools for reporting of impact. This study covers library assessment services and resources, training, staffing models, partnerships with the parent institution, marketing and publicity, and future trends.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of training materials, job descriptions, descriptions of assessment services, examples of assessment reports, and research guides on scholarly output metrics.

    Lewis, Ruth, Cathy C. Sarli, and Amy M. Suiter. Scholarly Output Assessment Activities. SPEC Kit 346. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, May 2015.