• SPEC Kit 345: Shared Print Programs (December 2014)
    Keyword(s): research library; print repository; print archive; print stewardship; collection management

    This SPEC Kit explores the extent of ARL member libraries’ participation in shared print programs, the type and scope of programs in which they choose to participate, the rationale for participation, the value and benefits the programs provide to ARL and other libraries, and the roles different libraries are playing in them. To best explore these aspects, this study includes two surveys:

    Survey of ARL Member Libraries. ARL libraries were asked general questions about all shared print programs in which the institution participates, goals and benefits of participation, rationale for participation, and services provided. This survey did not ask about the details of a single, specific shared print program but rather about a library’s participation in shared print arrangements in general.

    Survey of Shared Print Program Managers/Coordinators. Information about a specific shared print program was gathered from shared print program managers/coordinators. This survey asked about specific business and operational models, strategies, goals, membership, collections, archiving progress, access, and other services.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of program descriptions and memorandums of understand and member agreements.

    Crist, Rebecca, and Emily Stambaugh. Shared Print Programs. SPEC Kit 345. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, December 2014.