• SPEC Kit 348: Rapid Fabrication/Makerspace Services (September 2015)
    Author(s): Altman, Micah; Bernhardt, Matthew; Horowitz, Lisa; Lu, Wenqing; Shapiro, Randi
    Keyword(s): research library; 3-D printing; rapid fabrication; makerspace; library services

    This SPEC Kit explores current ARL member library engagement with 3-D printing, rapid fabrication and digitization technologies, and makerspaces. This study covers the types of service offerings libraries provide, the location of these services, the hardware and software that is available for users, service hours and staffing, user outreach and training, budget and funding, and evaluation of the service.

    This SPEC Kit includes descriptions of makerspaces, examples of 3-D printing guides and other user training material, policies and procedures, equipment, software, and models, and job descriptions of staff who provide these services.

    Altman, Micah, Matthew Bernhardt, Lisa Horowitz, Wenqing Lu, and Randi Shapiro. Rapid Fabrication/Makerspace Services. SPEC Kit 348. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, September 2015.