• SPEC Kit 339: Innovation and R&D (December 2013)
    Keyword(s): research library%3B innovation%3B research and development%3B process improvement%3B experimentation%3B transformation%3B strategic operations%3B futurecasting%3B planning

    This SPEC Kit investigates the current state of both innovation and R&D in research library organizations. It examines what outward-facing commitments libraries have made to innovation and R&D, and what foundations are in place to support these activities. It asked who is involved in innovative activities, how libraries organize themselves to create, support, and sustain innovation, and how they measure the resulting outcomes. It also collected data on which research libraries support R&D, at what level, for what purposes, and how these activities are organized, funded, and assessed.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of strategic plans and other documents that describe library support for innovation and research and development activities, organization charts, descriptions of research awards, and job descriptions of staff responsible for innovation and R&D.

    German, Lisa, and Beth Sandore Namachchivaya. Innovation and R&D. SPEC Kit 339. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, December 2013.