• SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship (May 2016)
    Keyword(s): digital scholarship; digital humanities; research libraries; library services; workforce

    This SPEC Kit explores how library roles are evolving as multimodal and collaborative scholarship become more visible in the research landscape and how the emergence of these newly identified roles influence the work of library staff. This study covers the types of support libraries offer researchers, how the individuals involved in digital scholarship activities are positioned within the library organization, their range of responsibilities, collaboration with partners inside and outside the library, how support for digital scholarship activities is funded, and how it is assessed, among other questions.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of digital scholarship services offered by libraries, digital projects, project planning documents, organization charts, and job descriptions of the staff who provide digital scholarship support.

    Mulligan, Rikk. Supporting Digital Scholarship. SPEC Kit 350. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, May 2016.

  • Part III: Long-Form Scholarship: Monographs and Scholarly Books
  • Part II: Journal Articles and Short-Form Scholarship
  • Part I: Context and Background