• SPEC Kit 349: Evolution of Library Liaisons (November 2015)
    Keyword(s): research library; liaison; campus engagement; library services; workforce

    This SPEC Kit explores the changing role of the library liaison, the shifting goals and strategies of liaison programs at ARL member libraries, and the factors that influence these changes on an institutional level. This study covers liaison services objectives and policies, assignment of liaison responsibilities, level of department participation, administration and evaluation of services, how liaisons are trained, and the benefits and challenges of offering such services.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of liaison services websites; descriptions of liaison responsibilities, competencies, and goals; job descriptions of staff who provide these services; and reports on changes to liaison models.

    Miller, Rebecca K., and Lauren Pressley. Evolution of Library Liaisons. SPEC Kit 349. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, November 2015.