• SPEC Kit 335: Digital Image Collections and Services (August 2013)
    Keyword(s): digital images%3B image collections%3B library services%3B digital asset management

    This SPEC Kit examines how research libraries and their parent institutions have responded to the transition from analog to digital images and the growth of digital images available from commercial vendors and/or created within institutions or their libraries. The survey gathers information about current practices relating to the development and management of institutional digital image collections and the acquisition and use of licensed image databases. It explores the infrastructure and support provided by research libraries and/or their institutions for the creation and use of digital images in teaching, learning, and research, including systems and platforms, cataloging and metadata, access and training, services and service points, and copyright and other rights issues. It also identifies collaborative strategies among ARL member institutions for providing digital images.

    The SPEC Kit includes examples of digital image collection websites, finding aids, image use training materials, copyright and use rights policies, selection policies, descriptions of digital image service points, and digital collection promotional materials.

    Kandiuk, Mary, Aaron Lupton, and Catherine Davidson. Digital Image Collections and Services. SPEC Kit 335. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, August 2013.