• The ARL Balanced Scorecard Initiative Meets the ARL 2030 Scenarios
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    Publication Date: 2012-08-06
  • SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services (November 2008)

    This SPEC Kit explores the variety of resources and services being delivered to or envisioned for graduate students and faculty.

    The survey was distributed to the 123 ARL member libraries in March 2008. Sixty-five libraries (six Canadian and 59 American) completed the survey by the deadline of April 28 for a 53% response rate. Of these respondents, 48 institutions (74%) indicated that they provide or plan to provide services or spaces specifically designed for the designated populations. Most are providing or designing spaces/services to meet the needs of both groups, with only seven reporting services/spaces exclusively for graduate students and two locations committed to providing service/space exclusively to faculty. Thirteen of 47 respondents (28%) target discipline-specific graduate students; eight (17%) of these also target a specific group of faculty. In most cases, the targeted groups tend to be in humanities or social sciences.

    This SPEC Kit includes documentation from respondents in the form of descriptions of services, descriptions of spaces, examples of marketing and outreach efforts, and partnership agreements.

    Lewis, Vivian, and Cathy Moulder. Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services. SPEC Kit 308. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, November 2008.