• SPEC Kit 351: Affordable Course Content and Open Educational Resources (July 2016)
    Keyword(s): research libraries; library services; OER; open access; faculty incentive programs

    This SPEC Kit explores the degree to which ARL member institutions advocate, support, and develop affordable course content and open educational resources (ACC/OER). This study gathered information on ACC/OER initiatives at the institutional level and the role of the library in these initiatives. The research examined initiatives’ origins, implementation, governance, and funding; incentives for faculty participation; and the types of affordable/open course content that have been developed. The survey also explored library support of ACC/OER activities with staffing and services.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of library and institution ACC/OER webpages; educational events; incentive programs; resources adopted, adapted, or created; and job descriptions.

    Walz, Anita, Kristi Jensen, and Joseph A. Salem, Jr. Affordable Course Content and Open Educational Resources. SPEC Kit 351. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, July 2016.