• SPEC Kit 342: Next-Gen Learning Spaces (September 2014)
    Keyword(s): research library%3B library space%3B instruction%3B programming%3B assessment

    This SPEC Kit explores the configuration and uses of library learning spaces, the developments and transformations that have occurred over the past ten years, and future plans for learning spaces to determine where they are on a continuum between first-gen information commons and next-gen spaces. It explores five main areas related to learning spaces: what kinds of learning spaces currently exist, how these spaces have changed since their inception, and the effects these spaces have had on other library operations; the instruction, programming, and collaboration that take place in the learning spaces; and the current assessment methods for learning spaces and changes that have been made or are planned based on the results of these evaluations.

    This SPEC Kit includes examples of learning spaces, instruction spaces, floor plans and maps, marketing for spaces, programs, and instruction, space use policies and procedures, job descriptions and organization charts, and planning and assessment documents.

    Brown, Sherri, Charlie Bennett, Bruce Henson, and Alison Valk. Next-Gen Learning Spaces. SPEC Kit 342. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, September 2014.