• SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing (November 2017)
    Keyword(s): research library; university press; library services; workforce; publishing

    This SPEC Kit gathers information on the breadth of practice taking place at the intersection of research libraries, presses, and publishing, and on the blurring of boundaries as libraries engage in publishing and press activities in new ways. It explores which activities are associated with library publishing, the level of library/publishing/press integration and collaboration with or creation of formal publishing/press operations, and the organizational structuring of these activities and programs. It includes examples of publishing service options, press staffing, publishing information for authors and editors, and publication lists.

    Taylor, Laurie N., Brian W. Keith, Chelsea Dinsmore, and Meredith Morris-Babb. Libraries, Presses, and Publishing. SPEC Kit 357. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, November 2017.