• SPEC Kit 295: Remote Shelving Services (October 2006)

    This SPEC Kit focuses on user services and how they have changed since the last survey in 1998 that was published in SPEC Kit 242 Library Storage Facilities, Management, and Services (May 1999).

    Eighty-five of the 123 ARL member libraries (69%) responded to the survey. Of that group, 68 (80%) use at least one remote shelving facility or are currently planning for one. A sizeable number of libraries have relatively new facilities; 25 of the respondents reported that they send material to a facility that has been in operation fewer than six years. Of that group, eight reported an existing facility in the 1998 survey.

    This SPEC Kit includes documentation from respondents in the form of facility descriptions, service policies, service request forms, and operating policies.

    Deardorff, Thomas C., and Gordon J. Aamot. Remote Shelving Services. SPEC Kit 295. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, October 2006.