Association of Research Libraries
Research Library Issues 290 2017
students who come with questions that have not been answered
by tutorials because they are unique to their projects.
Our first step towards flipping the classroom for library instruction
has been the creation of an online learning task force. This group is
charged with creating videos and increasing staff proficiency so that
instructors can easily create short videos on their own following
best practices of communication and branding. This will free up
time for face-to-face interactions that tackle unique problems and
teach students not how to do research, but what research is.
The authors gratefully acknowledge the help of the following individuals:
Jill Powell and Jeremy Cusker, Engineering Librarians at Cornell
Kathryn Conway Dimiduk, Director of James McCormick Family
Teaching Excellence Institute at the College of Engineering, Cornell
For the Consortium on Financing Higher Education survey:
Steve Minicucci, Director of Research for the Consortium on
Financing Higher Education
Nisa Bakkalbasi, Assessment Coordinator, Columbia University
Lisa R. Horowitz, Assessment Librarian/Linguistics Librarian, MIT
Mary Ann Mavrinac, Vice Provost and Andrew H. and Janet Dayton
Neilly Dean, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Sarah Tudesco, Assessment Librarian, Yale University Library
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