Association of Research Libraries
Research Library Issues 290 2017
worked with librarians in the classroom to build students skills, 56%
found that the sessions provided a great deal of help, 35% said they
were a fair amount of help, and 9% found them to be of a little help.
Nobody responded that the sessions were not helpful. (Figure 2)
Figure 2: In 2014 Cornell faculty rated the helpfulness of library instruction sessions. No respondent
chose the “were of no help” option.
The respondents who had not used library instruction were asked
to identify all the relevant reasons why they hadn’t made use of
the service. Overall, the reason identified by most respondents,
41%, was lack of awareness of the service. In one school this
number was as high as 70%. The second reason, chosen by 30%
of faculty was that these classes are not relevant to the specific
classes taught. 8% don’t look to the Library for help in this area,
6% find student skills sufficient, 4% said the gain does not justify
giving up class time, 1% said they had tried using the service before
but it wasn’t helpful. 10% identified other reasons. (Figure 3)
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