Association of Research Libraries
Research Library Issues 289 2016
UCLA students barricading classroom door, June 1, 2016.
Photo credit: Daphne Ying (@whydaphnewhy on Twitter).
The entire UCLA community was invited to participate in a post-
event survey and to contribute any thoughts or suggestions that were
included in the campus report about June 1. One of the contributions that
resonated with many of us is the following:
I am lucky enough to have a very safe office with a locked door and no
windows (3rd
floor of YRL). Several colleagues were in the office with
me, and we were monitoring the news feeds online. We knew that we
were to stay in place; one of our admin assistants called to let us know
what was going on. There were rumors about a shooter in our
building. At one point, a colleague went to the restroom—she found
three students hiding there—shoving backpacks against the bathroom
door, scared out of their wits. We took them into my office and waited
until we received an “all clear” message from staff on the first floor.
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