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Research Library Issues 289 2016
We are increasing security measures and providing a strong law
enforcement presence on and around campus. I have great confidence
in the abilities of our local law enforcement agencies to handle
this matter.
In order to provide services for our students, the university will
remain open today but all classes scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 20, are
cancelled, including exams scheduled to be held at the Testing Center
on Thursday. Strozier Library will be closed until further notice.
As we try to make sense of what is a senseless incident, the University
Counseling Center and Employee Assistance will provide counseling
and support for FSU faculty, staff and students affected by these
events. Should anyone need or desire such services, please contact the
University Counseling Center at the Askew Student Life Building or
call 850.644.2003.
Information will be updated regularly on the www.fsu.edu
Alerts page.
At 9:30 that morning there was an emergency cabinet meeting. The
provost, vice presidents, and other key officials awaited the arrival of the
president, who was flying in from New York. Cabinet members wanted
to reassure the community that the crisis was over and that necessary
follow-up tasks were underway. More importantly, they wanted to
communicate plans for assisting everyone affected, whether directly or
indirectly. Trustees and alumni boards needed to be contacted. There
were still few confirmed facts, but the press, faculty, staff, students,
parents, and the local community were hungry for information.
And there were many decisions to be made. Should classes be canceled
for tomorrow—Friday—as well as today? How could resources such as the
University Counseling Center for students and the Employee Assistance
Program be marshaled quickly to support a shocked and frightened
community? What about new student orientation, Board of Trustees and
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