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Research Library Issues 289 2016
running high,” Katie recalled. “We worked with police officers on site to
help employees gather some of their belongings. One of our security desk
workers was unable to retrieve her keys, since her workspace was in the
middle of the investigation zone.” They made sure she had someone to
come pick her up and a place to stay, and promised to get her belongings
to her as quickly as possible.
“When they brought us back to Strozier around 6:00 a.m. to get our cars
and go home, the scene was what you see in breaking news segments on
hundreds of thousands of TVs about thousands of other issues plaguing
the world: a circus of news vans and reporters and crews. I sent texts to
everyone I care about saying ‘I’m not dead.’”
News trucks on Landis Green, November 20, 2014. Photo credit: Florida State University.
Part 2: The Aftermath
“Surreal” was a word frequently used to describe the hours and days
following the shooting at the FSU Libraries. We all were in a kind of
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